Sustainability Initiative
SP_2020 | Independent Study
Collaborators_Bailey Shurtleff + Marwan Alawadhi + Sara Bernhardt + Autumn Harvey + Daniel Ibba + Dan McDonnell + Sydney Strawser

3D printing is a large part of the Knowlton School culture. Students begin 3D printing sophomore year, producing test prints, discarded support material, and final spray painted prints. With no program to recycle 3D print material, myself and other Knowlton students began a 3D print recycling initiative with funding from the OSU Coca-Cola Sustainability Grant. Through research and testing we found effective methods to shred, melt, and reuse 3D prints and their associated waste. Among many experiments, recycled, multi-colored filament was extruded and a mock stool was designed to test the strength of recycled 3D prints. The group intended to finish the semester with a large-scale installation of recycled 3D print sheets - to be reused by students for final models - before COVID affected the semester. The group finished the semester by producing a guide documenting the research and work as well as  instructions for fellow students to continue their work.