Hot Drawings
SP_2020 | Work from Curtis Roth's seminar
Collaborators_Courtney Masters + Kristen Perng + Megan Pettner

Hot Drawings is a multi-part instrument that combines the vibration of sawdust, xy axis movement, and the heating and dispensing wax. Hot Drawings is  project meant to utilize materials in a new way through coded instruments. Furthermore, it is meant to serve as a provocation to more typical notions of authorship. 

With so many components doing many things, there are many options for how to introduce chance, temporality, and collaboration into the overall process. All of these conditions provoke traditional notions of authorship. The team was testing different modes of variability.  Some off these were: the amount of sawdust dispensed, the pattern and power of vibrations, the amount of wax dispensed and its temperature, and both the xy movements and speeds of the machine itself. 

Unfortunately, the instrument was not completed due to COVID-19 shutdowns. Below is video of progress made and an instruction manual on how to build and code the instrument.