Other Worlds - Undergraduate Thesis
SP_2017 | Work from Dow Kimbrell + Sandhya Kochar's Honor's Research Studio
In Collaboration with Cassidy Rush + Justin Slayton

In the day and age of mass globalization, the power and stake of architecture is in peril. A new world order is necessary to claim territory and responsibility in the socio-political climate of today. To do so, current themes must be attacked, investigated, stripped bare, and shrouded in readings and misreadings. While questioning the current state of architecture and its political power, seminal architecture projects are used to forge a new future. New worlds are created through the redeployment of these precedents, their innate qualities and characteristics used to advance new architectural agendas.



Dogma’s Field of Walls meets Venturi’s Vanna Venturi House to create a dialogue about current immigration crises in the World of Borders. The World of Alternative Facts questions how architectural precedents can be redeployed into something that is easily digestible while still maintaining its architectural integrity. Within each world, the architect is tasked with the responsibility to stake a claim and decide the fate of the world. The project requires both a broad understanding of architecture, a specific knowledge of each project, and a responsibility to critique both current architectural and socio-political moments. While all hypothetical, the project puts into perspective the power and privilege architecture has to affect society.

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