Distillery Complex
SP_2020 | Work from Todd Gannon + Beth Blostein
's Graduate Studio II
In Collaboration with Aubrey Nelson + Santiago Rodriguez

The project is a distillery that includes production space, a museum and visitor's center, as well as a research lab wing. The concept for the project is a collection of buildings that sit on a plaza, each housing a distinct program. Over sized primary objects were chosen to create a recognizable landmark on a highly visible site.

Each building is created through the superimposition of two simple geometries. Each building's relationship to the production shed produce new relationships between geometries at each level. At the lower level there are remnants of a cylinder and a cube. At the plaza level a cross emerges, as does a new variation of a cube. The higher you go, the more deformed the objects become, merging the superimposed geometries into one ambiguous form. 
Furthermore, the relationships between the juxtaposing objects create an axis through the site. The axis leads visitors through the museum courtyard up to the plaza and then down through the restaurant to the waterfront. Once on the water front, it is revealed that the plaza is actually the roof of a production shed that has been embedded into the site.

Artboard 3.png

Lower Level

Plaza Level

Upper Level





Artboard 2.png

Production + Plaza

High Ground to Low Ground

Embedded Objects

Superimposed Objects


Lower Level

Plaza Level


Upper Level

out front_edit.png
Section 1 w trees-01.jpg
courtyard view.png
Section 3 w trees-01.jpg
plaza view_edit.png